Aparna Enterprises Limited is a 25 year old company with an excellent track record in distribution of building materials and is one of the largest Tile Distribution companies in India. The company is associated with every landmark project in Andhra Pradesh during the past fifteen years and is known to provide quality materials and timely service.

With its own exclusive showrooms in all the major cities of Andhra Pradesh and more than 20,000 sq.mts of centralised warehouse facility, the company has established itself as a major building material supplier and continues to expand and diversify.

The company is promoted by Mr. S. S. Reddy, a marketing professional ably assisted by a team of qualified and experienced professionals. The company has diversified into construction of luxury residential space, in and around Hyderabad, and currently handles projects, valued at around Rs.3000 crores, that are under various stages of execution.

The company has now four major divisions under its fold:

To redefine real estate and become the standard bearer for the industry with the following vision:

  • To raise the bar on what the market should expect from real estate in general, and from us, in particular
  • To raise tougher questions, and therefore, quality benchmarks in every aspect and detail of building home, commercial space and community
  • To raise the awareness and aspirations of every Aparna team-member so they, in turn, raise and exceed their own and the market’s
  • And to do all of the above in the process of creating the best integrated communities, built on consistent and sustainable practices

Our Core Values are:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Simplicity
  • Consistency
  • Future-readiness

At Aparna, our core values are not just cornerstones for the new realities we construct. It’s what our customers have turned into our strengths. And in turn, it helps us help them build their futures based on these values.

Sri S. Subrahmanyam Reddy

Sri S. Subrahmanyam Reddy, is a Commerce Graduate, with more than 2 decades of rich experience in industry and trade. He is the Founder and Managing Director of the Company. Also, he is the Managing Director of M/s Aparna Constructions And Estates P Ltd. A confirmed workaholic, he is known for his business acumen and razor sharp memory. His ability to carry and motivate a team of experienced professionals has contributed tremendously for the exponential growth which the Group has attained in the last several years.

Sri K Sita Rama Raju

Sri K Sita Rama Raju, is a Commerce Graduate with more than 25 years of solid experience in industry and trade. Mr Raju, another workaholic, is famous for his Inventory Management and Controlling/Reducing Operational Costs. He is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of the Company and runs/controls day-to-day operations of all the divisions.