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Aparna Enterprises Limited (AEL), a part of the highly successful Aparna Group, is associated with several landmark projects in South India.

About Aparna Enterprises

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About Aparna Group



About Aparna Enterprises

Aparna Enterprises Limited (AEL) is a part of the highly successful Aparna Group. Founded in the year 1990, AEL prides in having the largest market share in South India through a range of businesses in building-material products, such as RMC (ready-mix concrete), uPVC Window and Door Systems, uPVC Profiles, Tiles, Sanitary Ware & Kitchens, Aluminium Window & Door Systems and Facades & Exteriors. Associated with several landmark projects for over 3 decades, AEL is globally renowned for setting benchmarks in technology, research, design, and quality.

What initially started as a business in ceramic tile distribution, today stands tall as a pioneer in multiple business ventures. Over the past 30 years, AEL has established a reputation as one of India’s most innovative and respected building materials producer.

All thanks to not only the quality of our products, but also because of the commitment of our people to customer service and our willingness to find innovative solutions to challenging problems.

While our approach in this respect hasn’t changed in the last three decades, a few other things have, including the range of building material products we offer today.

Looking back in time, it is amazing how quickly things move on. Whilst nothing can replace our commitment to customer centricity, we have always recognized the value that new technology can bring. That’s probably why we’re still top of our game 30 years later.

Today, AEL is an acknowledged industry leader providing specifiers, contractors, and stakeholders with a range of high-quality products manufactured to the highest standards. AEL can meet any specification criteria while ensuring full compliance with all protocols.

And, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, our hearts are filled with gratitude and the zest to keep innovating, to enable you to build faster, better and smarter.

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Aparna Enterprises Launched its first Tiles showroom


Aparna Group is formed, diversifying into constructions and development through ACEPL


As backward integration for ACEPL, Aparna Enterprises started producing RMC


Launched first Aparna Venster fabrication unit in Hyderabad


Launched First Unispace flagship showroom in Hyderabad


Aparna forayed into manufacturing of quarry and metal aggregates


Started manufacturing uPVC profiles in Hyderabad under the brand name of Ökotech


Ventured into the manufacturing of floor and wall tiles under the brand name of Vitero


Forayed into Facades and Exteriors through Aparna-Craft—a joint venture with Craft International, Hong Kong.


Started manufacturing aluminium window and door systems in Hyderabad under the brand name of Alteza

Aparna Advantage

With over two decades of expertise in the construction and building materials industry, Aparna Enterprises Limited has highly knowledgeable and professional teams. Backed by a trusted and recognized contractor network, Aparna is committed to delivering exceptional designs, technical support and expert advice to all clients.

  • A proud history, a promising future: With a history of providing strong, technically sound solutions backed by genuine expertise of 28 years, AEL has now diversified manifolds in the building-material industry. Right from construction to crushers, ready mix concrete, uPVC windows and doors, uPVC profiles, tiles, and luxury sanitaryware, Aparna has stood as a pioneer for innovative technology in India.
  • The Only Building-Materials Expert You Need: AEL works with latest advanced technologies, bringing home path-breaking equipment and technical expertise. The company expertly encompasses all aspects of the business from initial consultations to final installation, after-sales care and maintenance.
  • Trust, an Unrivalled Expertise: AEL’s expertise in the building-materials sector is unrivalled, evoking trust in its clients. AEL is not only equipped to deal with any specific kind or standard of project but can also find the most effective and suitable solution for all kinds of projects.
  • A Highly Talented Team: AEL’s highly skilled technical team have an extensive knowledge and skill set. AEL has a wide network of partners, business leaders and industry experts, which is supported by 2500+ employees, specializing in various products.
  • A Successful Partnership: From early design, project planning to execution and completion, AEL delivers the three integral factors of Quality- Product, Design and Workmanship.
  • Planned & Designed To Exceed Expectations: AEL out-performs the set targets by always delivering exceptional quality output. With advanced monitoring systems in place, all products are carefully assessed at each and every stage to ensure exceptional results.
  • Value-For-Money Solutions: AEL’s ultra-modern technologies ensure maximum output with minimum wastage. The company’s technologies ensure speed, precision, efficiency and flexibility, delivering the most cost-effective output.
  • Keeping To Schedule By Working Together: AEL’s highly skilled team works closely with contractors to coordinate program schedules. The company’s experienced technical team regularly visits sites to monitor the progress and ensure a standard quality.


As a leader, Aparna Enterprises continuously strives towards innovation with a persistent focus on excellence and quality in all its products and services. Aparna Enterprises aims at redefining real estate and setting high industry standards. The company intends to build a future based on the following vision:

  • To provide high quality building-materials and continue to raise industry standards
  • To raise tough questions and provide benchmark solutions in every aspect and detail of building-materials
  • To become the employer of choice in the industry by attracting the best of talent, incubating and inspiring them to exceed industry standards
  • To bring world-class technologies home and constantly strive for technical advancement

Ethics & Compliance

Backed by its expertise in the industry for the past 28 years, Aparna boasts of excellent quality management. Aparna is a renowned business leader, well-versed in smooth operations. The company is committed to providing quality products and services. Aparna Enterprises Limited does not encourage or indulge in any unethical/illegal practices. AEL, in its core, believes in transparent operations.


Aparna believes in environment-friendly ventures. The company contributes towards sustainable workmanship by ensuring that there is zero-wastage of products. All manufacturing units comply by international as well as national level policies and protocols for environmental safety. As the leaders of construction business in South India, Aparna has divulged and prospered in every field that they have ventured into.  The company, at its roots, believes in making a difference to the society, not just through business development but with societal progress as a whole. In this stride, AEL has taken rampant initiatives for environmental protection and societal growth.

About Aparna Group

Aparna Group is an Indian business conglomerate in construction, trading, manufacturing and fabrication of different building materials. With a turnover of around Rs. 1700 crores and employee strength of over 4000, Aparna Group stands for path-breaking innovations when it comes to offering new age products. The group chiefly comprises of 2 divisions, they are:

  • Aparna Enterprises Limited (AEL)
  • Aparna Construction and Estates Limited

Aparna Group’s first company, Aparna Enterprises Limited, was established in the year 1990. In 1996, the group diversified into construction and development of gated communities. In 2006, they started processing and manufacturing Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) and are the largest commercial RMC producer in Telangana today.

In 2007, Aparna Group started producing uPVC window and door systems and in 2008, diversified into concrete bricks, blocks and stone aggregates. In 2017, the group further added another feather to its hat as they started manufacturing premium quality double charged vitrified tiles.

Aparna Group also has a philanthropic arm known as ANSWER (Aparna Novel Society for Welfare and Research) which works towards nurturing, educating and enriching the needy.