Aparna Craft

APARNA-CRAFT is a joint venture between Aparna Group, India, a leader in construction and building materials and Craft Holdings, Hong Kong, a world leader in façade and exterior design and engineering. The association aims at bringing world-class façades and exteriors to life.

Aparna Enterprises Limited and Craft Holdings, Hong Kong, which is among the world leader with façade designing and project engineering capabilities, have set up Aparna-Craft Exterior Limited as a joint venture.

Aparna-Craft will offer not only a single source, end-to-end solution in façade, aluminum windows, doors & exterior solutions but also deliver on its on-time, on-budget project completion promise. Bringing to market a hard to match proposition that will help drive rapid innovation, bring new technologies and deliver increased customer value.

Aparna Craft will enable architects and building owners accelerate and realize their business transformation objectives and increase their brand equity by leveraging the company expertise.

Vitero Tiles

Aparna’s new venture, Vitero tiles is an established brand name in the tiles industry.

From world-class Vitero offers never-seen-before designs in the Indian tile industry in a wide array of shades and sizes. The company manufactures tile with consistent quality and uniformity in size, colour and design.

Holding the largest Gas-Fired Kiln of 265 meters long, Vitero manufactures Double Charged Vitrified Tiles by infusing two layers of tiles together, which makes them one of the toughest tiles in the market.

  • Advanced Techology: With advanced feeding systems, state-of-the-art machinery and new generation technology, there’s no compromise on quality or consistency. The Nano polishing machine provides best sheen, consistency and long-time to the tiles.
  • Unconventional Infrastructure: Vitero has the largest production facility of 9,75,000 Sq. ft. at Peddapuram (near Kakinada) that manufactures 5.47 Million Sq.M of tiles per annum.
  • Eco Friendly: With minimal wastage and eco-friendly measures, Vitero also prioritizes sustainable living!