Aparna Group, after its successful foray into construction and manufacturing, brings world class vitrified tiles, double charged with Nano technology to connoisseurs of good living. You will get floored by the quality of “VITERO” tiles reinforced by the Promoters’ passion, core values and proven credentials.

The world is moving fast and so are we! Old technologies evolving into new, and the new into the Noveo. Double Charged Vitrified tiles have taken the world by storm and are here to stay. Keeping pace with tomorrow, VITERO occupies that key space to provide the most modernistic double charged vitrified tiles to Indian market. They sustain for their technological brilliance and inbuilt manufacturing attributes to make them the most preferred choice in flooring. Truly, the future belongs to the Double Charged Vitrified VITERO tiles only.

As pioneers in bringing the world class Nanotech process to the Indian shores, VITERO is manufactured using advanced feeding system, completed by a Nanotech coating to give the highest quality double charged vitrified tiles with a premium feel and toughness. The tiles are polished with a nano polishing machine that not only offers the best sheen, but also promises consistency and long-time retention. The proven technologies are adapted into 900,000 Sq ft facility at Peddapuram (near Kakinada) to manufacture 15,000 Sq mts of VITERO tiles per day with consistent quality and unparalled uniformity in size/colour and design.