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The Modern Era of uPVC Materials

Every buyer is necessitating and willing to upgrade their residential and business spaces to meet modern requirements these days, and this positive changeover is driven by the energy-efficient and impact-resistant nature of the uPVC materials.

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Windows and doors: How does 2022 look?

An article by Mahesh Choudhary, CEO, uPVC division, Aparna Enterprises. The building materials industry has become an example of resilience for withstanding the effects of the pandemic and bouncing back strongly. Today, the industry is valued at around $225 billion in...

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Home innovation trends to look out for in 2022

Practicality has taken over aesthetics on the home front in the last two years that have made hybrid work and study models the norm. Today, home innovation has taken the shape of a necessity. So, what are some trends that are here to stay, the ones you too should...

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