The company uses 18 fully computerised Schwing Stetter RMC plants with latest concrete batching equipment and produce strong, customisable, versatile, and durable ready mix concrete says T Chandra Shekhar, Director – Technical, Aparna Enterprises Limited.

How cost-effective is RMC and its durability for construction?
Concrete mix is an essential part of any construction and the old conventional way was to prepare the cement mix manually at the construction site. In this case the quality of mixture depends on the skill and experience of the person at the task. However, maintaining the consistency of the mixture across various batches is a tough ask. If the building is a high-rise, It also requires a lot of time and money to transport this mix to the upper levels. Ready Mix Concrete is a very cost-effective alternative as it is made through a mechanized process. In this case, the quality of the mixture is consistent, more so because the components are mixed in a fixed ratio. The process being mechanized offers high output unlike the conventional method. So RMC offers a better output in less time and it also uses less labour thereby saving both time and money.

What is the uniqueness of brand Aparna vis-a-vis the other players in the market?
The distinct factor that sets Aparna RMC apart from the rest is the company’s ability to develop concrete technology solutions and design concrete as per the client’s requirement. We use 18 fully computerised Schwing Stetter RMC plants with the latest concrete batching equipment and produce strong, customisable, versatile, and durable ready mix concrete.

Another aspect about Aparna RMC is the consistency in quality and it begins at right from the manufacturing plant to the construction site. One of the biggest challenges of RMC is that it starts to set quickly. To address this and ensure optimum quality, we use superior quality admixtures (chemical components used to delay or fasten the drying process of the concrete) that are sourced from leading brands such as BASF, Fosrocetc to make the ready mix. The RMC Plant can produce 6 M³ (nearly 15 MT in weight) in six seconds. The material is delivered to the construction location through special vehicles. Also, with the latest pumping technology, the RMC distribution has become hassle free. It allows RMC to be pushed through the pipeline to higher floors without human intervention. The technology is helping us to scale up our operations and save time.

What kind of services do you provide to the customer for efficient utilisation of RMC?
Aparna Enterprises Limited provides end to end support right from the product manufacturing to delivering the RMC to the client location/construction site. The cement mix needs to be used soon after it is prepared. Our fleet of trucks carries the mix to the construction site as per the pre-discussed construction schedule. The mixture is carried with caution and necessary steps are taken to keep the mixture intact till the time it is used. Due to urbanisation, high rise residential complexes have become the need of the hour. Special pumps are used to pump the RMC to higher floors in a high rise building construction. The ratio of various components used in RMC varies for different types of constructions. We do allow product customisation i.e., produce RMC as per the design mix provided by the client.