Aparna Enterprises Limited (AEL) is a part of the highly successful Aparna Group. Since 1990, Aparna Enterprises Limited is a leader in the distribution of building materials and is one of the largest Tile Distribution companies in India. Aparna Enterprises offers high-quality building material products and adheres to industry standards by adopting eco-friendly practices. AEL takes pride in holding the greatest market share in South India in a variety of building-material goods such as RMC (ready-mix concrete), uPVC Window and Door Systems, uPVC Profiles, Tiles, sanitary Ware & Kitchens, Aluminium Window & Door Systems, and Facades & Exteriors. AEL has been associated with various landmark projects for over three decades and is internationally acclaimed for setting standards in technology, research, design, and quality.

Aparna Enterprises Limited will advance in shaping the building materials sector more sustainably

The growing awareness among consumers about the need to adopt sustainable practices is having a positive impact on the building materials industry. Customers today prefer to live in a space that is environmentally sensitive and uses recyclable material. Even builders and contractors are very vigilant about the material they use while raising a structure. Instead of wood customers are opting for uPVC and aluminium as materials for window and door needs. Our uPVC profiles under the brand name Okotech and uPVC window and door systems Aparna Venster, along with Alteza Aluminium windows and door systems, have been registering significant growth year on year. Similarly, the trend of replacing wooden or stone flooring with wooden and stone finish tiles is also an outcome of this growing consciousness. The demand for manufactured sand, another offering from our end is also fast gaining traction. Apart from being a good alternative to natural sand, it helps the construction industry to reduce the impact it leaves on natural resources like river sand. The demand for M sand has been growing steadily for the past 4-5 years.

Aparna Enterprises offers several key products and solutions

Founded in 1990, Aparna Enterprises is one of the leading building material product manufacturers & suppliers in the country. Operating through a range of businesses namely – Aparna RMC (ready-mix concrete), Aparna Venster (UPVC Window and Door Systems), Okotech (UPVC Profiles), Vitero (floor & wall Tiles), Unispace – (trading & retailing of luxury Sanitary Ware & Kitchens), Alteza (Aluminium Window & Door Systems) and Aparna-Craft (Exterior Facades).

The role that RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) will play in future carbon-neutral cities

As the sensitivity towards adopting sustainable practices will increase, usage of RMC will increase significantly. Aparna Ready mix concrete encourages replacing natural sand with manufactured sand and thereby allow construction players to adopt environment-friendly construction practices.

Aparna Enterprises’ products and solutions are distinctively unique from those of other brands.

Aparna RMC uses Manufactured Sand (also known as M Sand or Crushed Sand), instead of river sand, for preparing the concrete mix. M Sand is better suited for the concrete mix as it is processed in quarries and is relatively free from silt & clay and offers better compatibility with cement, helping in making a better quality concrete mix. Apart from that, residual materials like Fly Ash and GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast furnace slag) are also used in the products. These products are waste materials generated from different processes (e.g. thermal power generation and steel production) and help in improving the quality of the concrete mix. All of the other products are made under the toughest quality standards & the majority of them are certified under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018. The uPVC profiles used are ROHS compliant. The vitrified tiles are manufactured following BIS standards and are ISI-certified. The Aluminium profiles used for premium window and door systems are 3kPA compliant

The evolution of Ready Mix Concrete in the construction field

More and more customers are opting for RMC and manufactured sand over the traditional way of preparing concrete mix and usage of river sand in the concrete mix. This trend is expected to continue and increase in upcoming years. The majority of commercial buildings, hi-rise structures, and infrastructure projects are raised using RMC only. As a push towards Infrastructure and construction is expected in upcoming years, it will give a required boost to RMC Industry, along with other building material products. 

Aparna Enterprises is committed to environmental sustainability

Aparna Enterprises not only manufacture environmentally friendly products but also use green and recyclable Input material in manufacturing processes. Apart from using manufacturing sand in Ready Mix Concrete, the uPVC profiles which are used for making uPVC windows and doors, are lead-free and recyclable products. The aluminium window and door systems are made with an aluminium alloy which is an architect-grade alloy and is also completely recyclable. These window and door systems are not only recyclable but also save money for the inhabitants during usage and upkeep as they reduce energy bills and don’t require much maintenance/repainting for a long time. To avoid creating pollution in the tile manufacturing process, natural gas is used to fire the kilns which produce high-quality floor and wall tiles. All these products along with the curtain wall system and exterior facades that we manufacture, help in reducing carbon footprint and energy conservation in any commercial/residential structure.

The building materials market evolution in India, and the major growth drivers

The building material industry is currently a $225 Billion in market size. The focus on infrastructure development by the government and the rapid growth of urbanisation will help the industry to grow.

The business growth and expansion plans of Aparna Enterprises

The sector is projected to register a growth of 10% in 2022 and a CAGR growth of 8% to 9% over the next five years and Aparna Enterprises is well-prepared to leverage the market opportunities that may open up. Aparna Enterprises is in process of vertical and horizontal expansion of the offerings and capacities to cater to this increase in demand having invested Rs. 100 crores to double the tile manufacturing capacity from 15,000 sq. mt tiles per day to 30,000 sq. mt per day. Also launched 80 x 160 cm tiles, with this increased capacity. Having won an investment of Rs. 80 crores, uPVC profile production capacity has increased from 450 tons a month to 700 tons a month. With an additional investment, this capacity is set to be increased to 1100 tons a month by end of this year. Also expanding the market reach. Aparna Enterprises is in process of launching several new products to expand its market presence.