Mahesh Choudhary, CEO, uPVC division, Aparna Enterprises, lets us in on a few facts

Picking out the right windows and doors for your ideal home might look like a herculean task, given the vast choices that are available in the market today. While windows and doors are the central accessories to any home, it is important to consider factors like compatibility of the material with the climatic conditions of the region and the quality, along with its aesthetic appeal. In India, not only culture varies from region to region but the climatic conditions also are different in several regions, and hence the materials that work in each region also differs.

South India, in particular, is a tropical region with intense summers and heavy rainfalls. In such weather conditions windows and doors made of uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) would work better compared to traditional materials, as they are sturdy and can withstand intense temperatures and different climatic conditions. Investing in uPVC is highly recommended, as it is not only durable and requires least maintenance but it also provides great insulation from heat, sound and air pollution.

Using uPVC windows for homes in South India is power packed with a bunch of positives like:

*As you like it: The best thing about uPVC windows and doors is that they are not restricted to one specific shape, color or size. They can be customized according to personal preferences. The choice is entirely with the customer.

*No heat trapped: Summers can be intense in these regions, not to mention all the humidity and heat. Stuffy homes due to heat being trapped indoors is the last thing anyone would need on days like those. Thanks to their composition and build, uPVC windows and doors are eco-friendly and energy efficient. They have high insulation and hence can help maintain cooler indoor temperatures. As an added bonus, this also greatly reduces energy consumption and cuts down electricity bills up to 30%.

*Say no to water seepage with uPVC windows and doors: The monsoons, while scenic can be very heavy in South India. Water seepage through windows that are made of traditional materials would contribute to their decay and develop fungus on walls, and an overall damp environment in the long run. uPVC windows and doors provide protection against this. These windows and doors are built to prevent water seepage, as they come with shutters that have in-built drainage systems. This prevents water stagnation. This protects not just the windows, but also the elegant walls inside.

*Adding a mosquito mesh to uPVC windows and doors: It is impossible to talk about monsoons and not talk about the mosquitoes that come with it. With uPVC windows and doors being customizable, a mosquito mesh can be included and mosquitoes and other insects can be kept at bay, while retaining the refreshing monsoon winds.

*Wind-resistance: South India is home to bustling metro cities with tall buildings and also quaint coastal areas. uPVC windows and doors are wind-resistant thus making it suitable for high velocity winds irrespective of the type of the building or where is it located, tall buildings or coastal area. This also helps in avoiding rattling or whistling noises. Certain brands in the uPVC segment also offer windows that come with hurricane bars for added strength.

*Noise-resistance: The life in cities in the south is fast paced, complete with ample noise from traffic and the everyday hustle. For homes that are in the middle of all the hustle, high performance uPVC window and door systems would be the best choice. These help cut out outside noise considerably, thus ensuring that the indoors remain considerably picturesque and calmer.

*Corrosion proof: The materials used in uPVC windows and doors makes them durable. As a result, they do not decay or lose their original properties even after several years. uPVC windows and doors dos not chip or corrode and as a result, last for years without the outside peeling off or the material drying out. They have the ability to withstand damage from winds that carry sand and salt, which erode other traditional materials like timber, and wrought iron.

*Safe and sturdy: uPVC windows and doors provide strong security to one’s home. These windows and doors are airtight, hence they improve air and noise insulation indoors. They have single or multi-point high-security locks that are attached to the window frame which offers a good deal of security. The presence of the strong layer of galvanized steel, makes it very hard for them to break into.

The other best part of uPVC is the eco-friendliness and the recyclability of the material. They can be recycled for up to 10 times. These doors and windows live for decades due to their sturdiness and durability and last for 40-80 years, and are made from recyclable materials that don’t harm the environment. The demand for uPVC will only go upwards from here and it is fast becoming the builder’s choice. Look no further if you want a beautiful, secure home; uPVC windows and doors would be the safest bet for you.