Women are creating difference and delivering value across industries, including real estate, shares; Aparna Reddy, Executive Director, Aparna Enterprises, in an exclusive interaction with 99acres.com on the occasion of Women’s Day.

1) The year gone by has been a challenging year. What strategies did you adopt to tide over the crisis, and how has the year been for your company?
The past year had been a challenging one and brought a tough time to everyone on this earth. At AEL, we believe that human power is the most critical resource for a business. It is crucial to hire the right people for the right jobs and help them develop competencies. We kept this belief intact even during the time of crisis and held onto our manpower. We neither let any employee leave nor reduced their remuneration. In return, the motivated team worked hard to get the organisation back on its feet once the pandemic’s impact subsided and businesses reopened.

2) How has been your professional journey so far, and what delights you the most about your career?
When you are running a business, no two days are the same. You face a new challenge every day, ranging from the simple ones to more complex ones. The farsightedness I inherited from my father helps me handle the work issues and develop business acumen. My professional journey has been very insightful. What delights me the most is I never took advantage of being the chairman’s daughter. I rather worked hard to earn the respect and confidence of our clients, employees, and partners.

3) What do you think is the general perception of women in your industry?
The real estate industry is predominantly male-dominated. However, as women are creating difference and delivering value, their acceptance is gradually increasing.

4) How do you maintain a work-life balance?
I ensure multitasking to finish my work during office hours and give a decent share of time to family and kids. It is always crucial to have a work-life balance.

5) What are the challenges you have faced as a woman in a male-dominated industry?
The biggest task I had to manage was gaining our partners’ confidence when I joined this business. Some of our partners were initially apprehensive about dealing with me. However, as they witnessed my passion for the business, they became confident. Today they judge by what I bring to the discussion table and not by my gender.

6) Any tips for women venturing into this sector?
Women come across several challenges irrespective of the sector they are working in or the position they are into. There are roles to suit women from different educational and career backgrounds. Like any other business, the building material industry is also a complex one. Thus, clarity in thought and defined objectives are primary requirements to succeed. This is not easy, but once this is worked out, the forthcoming path gets clearly visible. Defining the objectives usually means challenging yourself to do things that you have never done before. While this may sound like a herculean task, it is not. We already do this. For instance, we set our mind to manage a baby and home with equal dexterity. We surely are capable of finding a way to accomplish anything, even handling the pressures that come with managing a business.